flightframe is a framework for collection and analysis of your aircraft usage. It's a tool designed to help you - the operator, the maintainer, or the fleet manager - track and manage the usage of your aircraft. It helps you track flight hours, landings, in-service events, and maintenance actions - and determine their effects on your aircraft. You can upload and share usage, photos, and video of your aircraft. You can then compare your usage with others in the community.

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flightframe is optimized for Firefox v. 3 and IE (Internet Explorer) v. 8. Note: you must also install Google Earth (v. 5) for 3D flight visualization.

flightframe is designed for General Aviation. It requires a TDA/Shadin TrendBox200 airframe trend monitor/data recorder and a flightframe account. Click here to learn more! Questions? Comments? Email us!

Disclaimer: all values computed and presented herein are estimates used for trending and are not to be used as absolute metrics for airframe health. It is your responsibility to ensure your aircraft meets all required airworthiness and safety standards for flight.